At Uji Niaga, we offer a top-notch drivers education program which consists of theory and practical driving. We focus and emphasize on the driver’s behavior and attitudes. Moreover, we offer training programs for drivers of all ages and experience levels. Get ready and experience the excitement of driving under the guidance of some of the most respected and professional driving instructors in the industry. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the variety of training course we offer


The customer has the flexibility to follow its driving learning process at the time he/she finds most convenient, we offer a variety of schedules to accommodate customer time availability on Weekdays/weekends which vary depending on the stage of the course. However Government (JPJ) test are not subject to the same terms and are dictated by such authority. It is the responsibility of the customer to make him/herself available for such test and to obtain the relevant score which will allow the customer to continue with the process. Although there is not minimal time enforced, the customer can go at its own pace, all the stages must be completed in less than a year (12 months) from the moment the course has been purchased. A course that extends over a year without completion will be render invalid and the customer will have to re-apply and re-take some or all Course stages where applicable. If the customer wish to request a refund, shall know that registration, processing fees and JPJ fees are not refundable, UJDA will review the corresponding services offered to the customer and the stage at which the customer is at the moment of claim, in order to calculate the amount the customer has a right to claim by law. The customer shall manifest in timely manner such refund request. For example: a claim made past a year from the purchase date shall not proceed as the Course the customer signed for, has expired. It is the responsibility of the customer to complete all the stages and approve the necessary test to obtain its driving License at adequate times; a prorated calculation will apply taking into consideration those variables.
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